Scriptoman, your tool of choice for automatic transcription and translation of audio/video recordings!

Automatic transcription of audio/video files

We provide full services for transcription of audio or video recordings in Romanian and 40+ other languages, in full compliance with the orthographic and spelling rules, ensuring the highest possible level of quality. The interface also features a text editor linked to the audio/video player for easy fine-tuning of the final result. For file processing, we use an AI-driven online software engine based and neural networks. Scriptoman learns and gets better with each file it processes.

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Video file transcription and usage of the Scriptoman editor  allow you to get SRT files with advanced features, such as spell checking and

chronologically marked passages to easily convert subtitles. This way, you will not need a video preview any longer.

Automatic translation of audio/video recordings

We offer translation into 110 languages , both for standalone text files, as well as for the audio/video transcripts processed with Scriptoman . The translation service relies on the same online software engine, and the user interface also features an editor which allows the text to be corrected and improved.

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File Archiving

To those customers who want to store the processed or unprocessed files directly on the Scriptoman platform, we offer them long-term archiving services. Files are kept in a secured environment, on an IT infrastructure with a high level of availability. Archiving services feature keyword search, categorization, and indexing functionalities.

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Professional Editing

For work scenarios that require 100% accuracy, we offer manual editing of transcriptions and translations. We work with a team of professionals specialized in various fields of activity, as well as with experienced translators. These services are delivered on pay-per-project or hourly rate basis.

To contract professional editing services, contact the sales team at office@scriptoman.ro

Editare profesionala