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About the Scriptoman transcription service

Scriptoman, an AI-driven automatic transcription and translation service. Available as web-based service, Scriptoman allows fast transcription of long recordings, with over 90% accuracy. The service features also an editor that signals the reliability associated with a transcribed or translated word, allowing users to fine-tune the results. Transcripts can be automatically translated, added as subtitles to video files, and long-term archived.

Scriptoman can be used by uploading the audio/video files that the user wants to have transcribed to the customer account. Files are then processed by an online software engine.

Scriptoman supports the following audio formats: mp3, aac, m4a, ogg and wav. The supported video format is mp4.

Yes, it does. The quality of the recording is essential for the best possible results. Poor sound level, background noise, overlapping voices, pronunciation with accent, etc. affect transcription’s accuracy.

Users can upload up to 10 files at a time, not more than 1 GB. Longer files can be divided into smaller blocks.

The time required for transcription is at least half the recording time, but it can be longer, depending on the quality of the recording

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Other questions about the Scriptoman service

Transcripts are delivered in a JSON, txt, Word, pdf, or SRT format.  

Any user can test Scriptoman, free of charge, up to 30 minutes of audio/video recording.

Scriptoman is commercially available, both as a web-based, by purchasing of a number of hours, as well as contract-based service.

Web-based use of the Scriptoman service can be paid for by card. For card payment, transactions will appear on the statement of account under the name Scriptoman.

RolaxIT Innovation, the owner of the Scriptoman service, does not reimburse users who are unhappy with the quality of the transcript. Users are responsible to test their own recordings and evaluate the results.

Access your account with your username and password. Click on Delete Account, or send an email to office@scriptoman.ro