Automatic transcription of audio recordings. 5 benefits for your business

When it comes to automation, people think of Ford’s production lines, or Uipath software robots. However, they seem to overlook one simple area, such as automatic transcription of audio recordings. The first voice recorders (see below a video of the first human voice record, made on 9 April 1860) were breakthroughs of their time, for later, pocket recorders to became representative for the journalist profession. Over the last decades, however, digital technology has made audio recordings an ubiquitous content in almost any business. And still, automatic transcription of recordings is highly underused.

It is precisely here where Scriptoman steps in with the automatic audio recording transcription service developed by RolaxIT. Transposed into text format, audio or video files become more valuable as they are easier to archive, access and search. The process is streamlined and fast, but, above, all accessible to anyone in the form of a cloud service, with pay-per-use (per transcript time).

What are the benefits of using Scriptoman, an automatic audio recording transcription service, for businesses?

1. Large-scale applicability. Audio recordings are a instrumental for business areas, such Call and Contact Centers, radio and television, conferences and webinars, justice,

training, media etc. These are required both under the statutory provisions, as well as legal by the need to draw upon information via other channels or in other lines of business. In most instances, audio recordings are archived in this format or transcribed manually. In both cases, the costs borne are high, and some companies either do not store all the audio recordings, or do not turn to full account the information contained therein. Scriptoman renders unnecessary this manual processing, and allows for the information to be archived in a text format, which is much easier to index.

2. Saves a lot of time and boosts efficiency. Transcribing an audio or video recording is a time consuming exercise, particularly in niche areas where the technical language is more difficult to comprehend. The experience in practice has shown that each hour of recording requires up to 4-5 hours of effective work to have it converted accurately into text format. Some specialists can do it faster, but when more voices overlap or the recording quality is poor, this time can end up being even double. The availability of resources, or better said the lack thereof slows down the delivery of transcripts in reality. Scriptoman completes this process in a much shorter time, around half of the recording time, as soon as files are uploaded, and 24/7.

3. Low Cost. Automation cuts down the cost of this service to a fraction of what a human operator would cost. Scriptoman  can be used based on both a subscription (recommended for sporadic use), as well as a perpetual license, installed on the beneficiary’s server (physical or in cloud).

4. Quality Delivery. A modern TextToSpeech type of service has a recognition degree of 90-95%. The particulars of the Romanian language makes transcription more difficult due to the stricter orthographic and spelling rules. However, the technology employed by RolaxIT allows Scriptoman to reach a score of even over 96% using lists of keywords, acronyms, etc.

5. Fast Search for Information. Searching in an audio-video archive is complicated. This does not apply to texts, though. Transposition into text files with metadata allocation and complex indexing simplifies this search operation down to Googling. Thus, information is quickly accessible and can be fed into the most diverse business analytics. Decision-making suffers in many companies because it relies exclusively on transactional data (existing in business applications: ERP, CRM etc.), and not on unstructured data collected from customers.

Such a automatic audio transcription service is a necessary step in digitizing many business areas. Scriptoman builds-in an already mature technology, and is a service accessible to any company, with benefits that are easy to measure and quantify. While it is not the perfect service… yet (but neither are human operators), it does provide for a good level of recognition, even when more speakersare involved. It can be further improved using Artificial Intelligence features, but above all, it is available 24/7, which is a genuine benefit.

If your work, business or industry makes extensive use of audio recordings (phone conversations with customers, conferences, webinars, trainings, meetings, questionnaires applied by phone, etc.), Scriptoman can be of great assistance when into comes to turning them into a text format. Now that you have learned how easy is to use it and what benefits it provides, if you are considering a specific usage scenario, we are at your disposal. Contact us at office@rolaxit.com.

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