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Scriptoman, your choice for automatic transcription of audio/video recordings!

A young company with a rich past

Our journey began in 2019

Scriptoman is a service developed by RolaxIT Innovation, a start-up focused on the application of new technologies in the most diverse industries. RolaxIT Innovation is an one-of-its-kind blending of senior resources, from seniors with a outstanding track record in mathematics and inventions, to young talents in Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks.

Serivicii de transcriere automata video/audio
Servicii suplimentare - Transcriere automata
150 reference chatbots in RolaxIT Gallery

Additional services

RolaxIT Innovation  provides chatbot development and implementation services. Our approach features analysis, development, conversations, flow drawing, integration with existing IT systems to take over data, result analysis, and know-how transfer to the beneficiary. Our projects rely on a Gallery with 150 chatbots of reference, which have been predefined for various different scopes of business, which we customize according to the requirements of each customer and project.

Projects in progress

We are constantly working to develop and expand our range of services. Go to the page NEWS, or like our Facebook page and stay tuned for our work.

Proiecte derulare inteligenta articifiala

We are Here for You

George Rusu - Matematician, antreprenor, investitor

George Rusu


Mathematician, Entrepreneur and Investor. He is the mentor and binder of the team Rolax.

Daniela Morar

Daniela Morar

Executive Manager

She sets things in motion and makes the transition from idea to realization.

Elena Manailescu

Elena Mănăilescu

Business Development

She takes care of the details and makes sure that the actions have the planned completion.

Gabriel Vasile

Gabriel Vasile


If we do what we say, it is responsible for saying what we do.

Traian Predan

Technical Support

The technician behind the platform. Always on, always updated.

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