1,2,3…GO Scriptoman!

Scriptoman services are now active and waiting for users with 30 minutes of credit available for trial. We have briefed the media, and advised our collaborators, and we are ready to go.

What is the essential information?

Scriptoman is an automatic transcription, translation and subtitling service for audio and video recordings and text files. For now, it is available As a Service, but in the future, we will also offer perpetual licensing on the beneficiary’s server (in cloud or on premises).

Therefore, we transcribe from 37 languages and translate from 100 languages with a high level of accuracy, which will only improve over time. Scriptoman uses an engine developed by an external partner, trained to recognize the specific patterns of the Romanian language, from diacritics to word order and punctuation. The actual processing time is half the recording time, and the algorithms employed observe the orthographic and spelling rules of the Romanian language. Transcription is fast, but pay attention to the upload time of the files (maximum 1GB/file) which depends on each user’s connection speed.

The interface embeds an editor, linked with an online player, to compared the original and the produced material The editor signals the reliability associated with a transcribed or translated word, allowing users to fine-tune the results. Transcripts can be automatically translated, added as subtitles to video files, and long-term archived.

You can use the Scriptoman services, that are commercially available, by prepaid credit or monthly subscription, depending on your workload. Check out the Rates page for more details. It is important for you to know that, when signing up and validating a new account, this comes with 30 minutes of credit for trial. Good luck!

And, as we have just taken our first steps in this journey, we welcome any forbearance and feedback.

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