Your tool of choice for automatic transcription of audio/video recordings Neural Networks and Artificial Intelligence are now working for you!

  • Flawless quality, respecting the orthographic and orthoepic rules of the Romanian language and other languages
  • Fast, in just half the recording time
  • Advantageous, with payment per file or by subscription


Transcriere automata in diferite limbi
  • Arabic
  • Armenian
  • Bulgarian
  • Catalan
  • Chinese (Cantonese)
  • Chinese (Mandarin)
  • Czech
  • Korean
  • Croatian
  • Danish
  • Hebrew
  • English
  • Finish
  • French
  • German
  • Greek
  • Hindi
  • Indonesian
  • Italian
  • Japonese
  • Latvian
  • Lithuanian
  • Hungarian
  • Malay
  • Norwegian
  • Dutch
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Romanian
  • Russian
  • Slovak
  • Slovenian
  • Spanish
  • Swedish
  • Thai
  • Turkish
  • Vietnamese

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If you work in these industries, Scriptoman can definitely make your life easier!

Transcrieri audio-text - Radio TV Telecomunicatii
MediaConverted into text format, the audio-video content of the programs can be easily conveyed via complementary channels in order to boost revenues.

Radio and Television

Transcrieri audio - text Call center Contact center
Call/ Contact CenterConversations with customers contain high-value customer insights that can be archived and identified in text format far more easily.

Call Center/Contact Center

Transcriere automata audio - text Justitie sedinte de judecata
Court hearingsJustice digitization necessarily implies also transcription of court hearings in digital format, for all the parties involved to be able to review them.


Transcrieri automate audio - text Conferinte evenimente
Conferences/events The information delivered in physical or virtual events can be quickly disseminated as text via channels, such as newsletters, blogs, press.

               Events organization

Transcrieri automate - interviuri, sondaje de opini
Interviews/surveysOpinions are easier to capture as voice, but are processed faster as text

Opinion Pools

Transcriere automata audio - text Servicii financiare
Banking sectorVoice recordings of customers become much easier to identify and analyze for compliance with the legal and audit requirements.

Financial Services

Why Scriptoman?

Scriptoman is a full service for transcription and translation of audio/video recordings and text files, in a perfect orthography and spelling, regardless of the target language. The transcription services are available for 37 languages, whereas translations can be done into 110 languages. Scriptoman uses an AI-driven software engine, and offers the highest level of accuracy.


  • Processes video or audio recordings in the widest range of formats
  • Transcripts are delivered in .txt, .doc, .pdf, .json, .srt format (subtitles)
  • High-performance transcription editor. Built-in player
  • Supports 37 languages

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  • Indică gradul de cuvinte care au fost transcrise cu un nivel ridicat de încredere
  • Marchează cuvintele lipsite de acuratețe
  • Pasajele sunt marcate cronologic
  • Evidenţiază cuvintele rare cu un scor de calitate sub medie
  • Identifică vorbitorii şi alocă automat pasajele corespondente
  • Permite adăugarea de cuvinte/expresii specifice domeniului de activitate al clientului (tehnic, juridic, medical etc)
  • Permite adăugare de cuvinte şi termeni contextuali (nume de companii sau produse, acronime, abrevieri)
  • 90% rata de recunoaștere cu succes (scor de calitate)
  • Ştergerea automată a fişierelor la un termen predefinit de utilizator
  • Suportă inclusiv înregistrări telefonice şi radio
  • Suportă fişiere audio multicanal (1-6)
  • Acceptă fişiere de dimensiuni mari (1GB)
  • Costuri transparente prin previzualizarea numărului de minute la încărcarea fisierelor în browser.
  • Arhivare pe termen lung
  • Prelucrare rapidă la calitate ridicată, atât din fisiere audio/video cât şi text
  • Traducere directă pentru fişierele transcrise cu Scriptoman
  • Suport pentru 110 limbi
  • Acceptă fişiere de dimensiuni mari (1GB)
  • Editor performant pentru îmbunătățirea rezultatelor
  • Permite adăugarea de note şi observaţii pe traducerea obţinută
  • Salvare ca txt, docs, pdf, srt (subtitrare)
  • Costuri predictibile
  • Previzualizare minute disponibile/credit preplătit
  • Arhivare pe termen lung


  • Extended applicability in fields, such as call and contact center, radio and television, conferences and webinars, justice, training, media, etc., where audio recordings are justified by both the applicable legal requirements, and the need to use information in multiple formats.
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  • Câştig mare de timp şi eficienţă. Experienţa practică arată că pentru o oră de înregistrare sunt necesare 4-5 ore de muncă efectivă pentru o transpunere corectă în format text. Cu Scriptoman, procesul durează ½ din timpul de înregistrare.
  • Cost redus. Scriptoman costă o fracţiune faţă de utilizarea unui operator uman.
  • Livrare de calitate. Tehnologia utilizată de RolaxIT permite atingerea unui scor de peste 90%, prin utilizarea unor liste de cuvinte cheie, acronime etc.
  • Căutarea rapidă a informaţiilor. Fişiere audio transpuse în format text permit căutări rapide ale informaţiilor, similare celor pe Google.
  • Arhivare simplificată. Fişierele text sunt uşor de arhivat şi nu solicită mult spaţiu de stocare


  • As a Service, on the website. Files are uploaded to the customer’s account, and customer receives an email notice as soon as the transcript has been completed.
  • Transcripts can be edited/downloaded from the customer
  • Perpetual license installed in cloud. Provides for the same functionalities.
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  • Licenţa perpetua instalata se serverul beneficiarului



We believe in collaboration and reciprocity. Trust is the foundation of any business.


Scriptoman has the new generation of technologies in its DNA. Artificial intelligence and neural networks are now working for you.

Hodgyai Geza
Hodgyai Geza

“Translating and subtitling TV content, with artificial intelligence capable of self-learning and correction, is a highly topical challenge.

Once we manage to address the inaccuracies that occur when information is transposed from one language into another, we have already taken a huge step!

Thus, we can help the audience access information in the subtitled language, with no alterations whatsoever.”

Valentin Anghel - CEO & Founder AVBS Credit
Valentin Anghel

In lending, artificial intelligence is the best IT tool one can use to make sure that customers eventually receive the financing solution they envisaged, which solution is also 100% accurate and delivered to them in record time.

We will see smart financial products successfully taking the place of bureaucracy, and completely eliminating any foreseeable or unforeseeable error in lending.

Artificial intelligence is the future of lending in Romania, a future that is very close and accessible from the comfort of our own homes!

Valentin Anghel, CEO & Founder, AVBS Credit

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